Positive Steps striving to make a difference ….. young adults falling through the system !

Our Social Enterprise Accommodation Project strives to house more Service Users from the Homeless Networks…. including the growing demand from young people facing multiple barriers to sustain their independence out in local communities read more….    

SENSE – ABLE Learning Course BOOK here…..

Being hosted at our newly refurbished venue for hire, by Developing Works is the FANTASTIC Sense – Able learning course. This course incorporates NLP spelling techniques etc read more…… If you are interested in booking a space on this course you can get in touch via this website or go directly to the contact details on the leaflet. Spaces are limited so first come first served.

FREE……Replacement Boiler Scheme

If you are a home owner or live as a tenant in Private Rented Accommodation and on certain benefits, you may be eligible for this Scheme ….. Contact Cathryn Mill found in the contact us details. Find out more about our service and we will access in minutes if you are eligible.Energy Efficiency is a simple way to cut the cost of your heating bills. If you are a service provider and have Service Users who you think may be eligible for this scheme… please get in contact and PSI will refer them for you.

What a Social Enterprise can offer in terms of added value…..

PSI Scotland are here to help….

Enterprise Minister Jim Mather, who said: “Much of the quality that…[social enterprise]…brings to the delivery of services, results from its proven ability to innovate and to make each pound go a long way, and from the experience and resourcefulness that the people behind it bring when they apply their knowledge of working with and for particular client groups.”


At PSI we believe in learning brokerage so we do not only promote value added service we also facilitate triangular methods of working, academia, third sector meets public service delivery…. read more